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My Natural Product Range

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Whipped Salt Body Exfoliant

For use on anywhere on the body that needs gentle exfoliation. Great for dry chapped hands. Skin will feel very soft,not oily after use. Needs warm water to release the Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Salt, *Shea nut butter, vit e, *coconut oil, emulsifying wax, petitgrain, *lavender, *sweet orange, bergamot.

Also comes in lemongrass scent. Please confirm when purchasing. Thank you.

* denotes organic

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Samhain Body Oil

This is a gorgeous body oil especially blended for the late autumn, winter and through to early spring. The scent is of black spruce with a light top note of may chang. I am a keen hill walker and always feel incredible when I have spent several hours in the forest and wanted to recreate the feeling. As always, when I am blending, I find nature guiding my hand and this is the result.

Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year. It is a time for introspection, making broths, resting and being still. It is also a time to go within and release any old patterns that we may have fallen foul to in the year previous.

I hope you enjoy using this oil as much as I enjoyed blending it.

Use: It can be used when you feel the need. After bathing when skin is slightly damp is recommended. Just reconnect with your b
ody and let it guide you.

Safflower, sunflower, coconut oil,vit e, black spruce,may chang,cedarwood,cypress & pine oils .

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Room Spray Pillow Mist
Sleep Aid

A carefully selected blend of essential oils that help calm the mind and help promote sleep.

Best used as part of a sleep ritual where all electro magnetic devices are switched off an hour before bed time.

Spray/Mist in room and around pillow 10 to 15 minutes before bedtime. Can also be used to Mist around the head area but not directly onto sensitive skin.


Distilled water, *basil, *sweet orange, roman chamomile, morrocan chamomile, copaiba, *lavender, *petitgrain, perfumers alcohol (for essential oil distribution).

*denotes organic

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Muscle & Joint Relief Body Oil

Our body's are under constant pressure from both internal factors such as chemicals in our natural care products, pesticides in the food chain, and electro magnetics in the environment. It is easy to have painful joints and sore muscles as our bodies try to deal with the myriad of daily challenges. We can also have tight muscles from too much physical exertion and over work. Regardless of how our bodies are showing up with pain, it is good to know that there is something that can help that is not going to add to the chemical load.

Use - rub on to areas where joints are stiff and muscles are painful.

Contraindications - best avoided if there is very high blood pressure.

Safflower oil, sunflower oil, fractionated oil, black pepper, German chamomile, ginger, black pepper, juniper berry, cajaput, *lavender, * red thyme, lemongrass, black spruce.

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Deep Relaxation Bath Salts

Helps bring a sense of peace
Calming to the nervous system
Soothing in times of stress

Atlantic sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, *sweet marjoram, red mandarin,*lavender, *petitgran.

*denotes organic

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Ageless Skin Oil

Helps reset the skin to restore balance.
Addresses fine lines.
High in Omega 3,6 & 9.
Evens the skin tone.
Hydrates, moisturises and nourishes.
3 in 1- Cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser.

*Cold Pressed Jojoba oil, macademia oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Apricot kernel oil, *Castor oil, Lavender, Vetiver, *Grapefruit, Palmarosa, *Cedarwood

*denotes organic

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Digestive Blend Herbal Tea

Sometimes, we all over indulge, but it can leave us feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Nature has the answer! I formulated this tea using the tried and tested soothing herbs of peppermint, lemon balm and chamomile. It can be used as a night time drink instead of black tea if you are sensitive to the effect of caffeine.

I find it's always better to use the loose herbs rather than a tea bag. I hope you find the same!

Use - Add 2 teaspoons of dried herbs per large mug (or less if you like a weaker cup of tea). You will need a tea strainer too. These can be purchased in many regular shops these and you probably have one in the cupboard somewhere.

Peppermint. chamomile, lemon balm.

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Beard Oil

No more itch!
No more ingrown hairs!
No more dry patches!

Nature always provides the answer and this time it is in the form of organic, cold pressed argan oil. Used by Turkish barbers for centuries, it is one of the ingredients in Earth Magic's beard Oil.

Organic,cold pressed argan oil, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, organic castor oil, apricot kernel oil, frankincense, ho wood, cypress, black spruce, bergamot, sweet basil.

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Whipped Body Butter

A light and fluffy textured body butter that smells so fresh and citrissy. Making this butter is truly a hand crafted art. It takes a lot of time to melt, blend, freeze and whip this luxurious butter into what is in each jar. It melts on contact with the skin so glides easily across its surface area. It will be drawn into the deeper layers by the natural skin function but will not leave the skin greasy.

Also, comes in the gorgeous, scent of lemongrass. Please confirm this when purchasing. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy using it.

Coconut oil, mango butter, *shea nut butter, arrowroot, *CP jojoba oil, * rosehip oil, Vit E, *coriander, *grapefruit, *cedarwood, *red mandarin. And/or lemongrass scent.

* denotes organic

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A light, non greasy moisturiser that is not sticky to the touch. This wonderful product will be drawn down into the deeper layers of the skin easily and effortlessly. You can apply make-up a minute or two directly afterwards. The lotion feels light to the touch and yet, your skin will feel soft and hydrated. If you wish to add make it a little richer, you can add a couple drops of my Ageless Skin Oil to the preparation. This will not be needed by all skins.

This lotion contains no essential so the it is not heavily scented but has a light scent thanks to the rose and orange aromatic water base. It is suitable for even the most sensitive, reactive skins.


Rose aromatic water, 0range aromatic water, distilled water, aloe vera gel, xantham gum, cold pressed jojoba oil, herbal pine needle oil (mascerated in fractionated coconut oil), sea buckthorn, tocopherol, Polawax (emulsifier), Cosgard preservative.

Directions for use:

Apply to a clean face morning and evening (only if needed). If skin does not feel dry, I suggest you just use an aromatic water for hydration (which can be found on this site)

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Natures Pain Relief

CBD is a cannabinoid that supports the endocannabiniod system which is key in the functioning of all the nerves within our body.
Our nerves play a major role in brain activity, digestion, mood stability, pain management and the balance of sleep.
The CBD that is used to make this balm is purchased from a licenced grower in Wicklow. I have also infused this balm with pine needle, juniper and rosemary macerated oils. Which, I believe enhances that power of the balm to work it's magic. The preparation contains no essential oils.


Extra virgin, olive oil, beeswax, tropherol,herbal pine needle, juniper berry and rosemary oil.

Directions for use:

Apply to affected area as often as every 4 hours is needed.

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Exfoliating Clay Mask

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Cleansing Balm